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Wholesale Distribution

Maximize the value of your supply chain and build strong partner networks.

retail aisle1NuPro Visions handles a variety of food, medical and natural products. It helps you manage the flow of information and goods to enable you to maximize the value of your supply chain and build stronger partner networks. You are the most important link—the ability to react to changes in your customer’s demand as well as manage your suppliers is vital for success in today’s dynamic environment.

Purchasing Operations: You can configure the Purchase Order module to support your procurement methodology. The system supports purchase order entry and product receiving with full vendor history and analysis.  Purchasing commitments and accruals are tracked through the Accrued Accounts Payable module to the General Ledger.

Electronic Communication Through EDI, XML & Web Storefront: NuPro handles various messaging standards to process transactions to and from NuPro.

Improve Individual Sales Efficiency: Sales professionals are equipped with all the necessary tools to sell more effectively, including Back-to-Back Orders, comprehensive reports, user-friendly accounts and contact details. Quotes, Bids and Orders can be easily created, saved and ‘recycled’ for future uses, freeing-up more time for selling.

Maximize the Value of Each Sale: NuPro Visions provides a clear view of the sales cycle from first contact to final sale, allowing your teams to effectively analyze and manage the sale. For each account, you can view the full sales history; meaningful patterns and preferences are instantly clearer and the value of each deal can be easily maximized. This helps build relationships as prices, margins and discounts can be instantly checked and calculated and given to regular customers.

Multi-Channel Selling: NuPro supports both inventory and direct (Back-to-Back) sales. It also supports counter sales. It is particularly suitable for a mixed requirement of counter sales and back-office order processing from the same stock holding. The system handles payments by cash, on account, or by credit card.

Real-Time Direct Order Fulfillment: Customer orders, third party, and other internal cost information are captured instantly to provide detailed profit analysis. This can be done through our fully integrated multi-line web store front, regular or back to back sales orders that enable simultaneous purchasing and selling activities to occur. The system also handles complex order requests, including multiple locations, point of sale, split and drop shipments.  In addition, integration with our transportation solution, our labeling solution, and the use of barcode technology all help you streamline the fulfillment process.

Inventory Control: Inventory can be reduced and stock can be managed in a cost-effective, controlled way, avoiding the risks of over-investing in expensive stock or leaving orders too late to satisfy your customers. NuPro Visions keeps you fully in control by providing real-time multi-site views of current and expected stock alongside extensive inventory management features. By maximizing the efficiency of your stock and warehouse resources, NuPro helps you deliver maximum customer service at an acceptable cost.

Transparent Conversions: They system transparently converts between multiple units of measurements including pieces, pallets, cases, lots, serial number items, kits, etc.

Lot Traceability: One-up/One-down Lot traceability is provided as standard so as to expedite product recalls.  It prevents the use of lots that are quarantine, expired, nearly expired, and allows multiple ways of lot picking.  They include FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, choose by date, number, quality control results or user defined lot features.

Multi-location: Lots and tags can be created to manage and keep track of product units and batches. Detailed packages from any location, whether it is on-site or at other vendor’s location are clearly visible. Support for Vendor or Customer Managed Inventory is included.

Flexible Costing Methods: Costs can be tracked using lot costs, weighted average, actual, LIFO/FIFO or standard costs; market costs as well as full landed cost functionality are also supported.

Daily Route Scheduling: NuPro Visions helps you make more efficient use of resources (drivers and vehicles) by enabling you to set up details of these resources and standard routes (areas and days/dates).  It takes on the time-consuming, yet important task, of generating the loads (routes/delivery dates) to which orders can be allocated. NuPro also allows the user to produce shipping documentation, calculate and spread freight and other costs across multiple orders, including drop charges and fuel surcharges.

Transportation & Traffic Control: Order entry, purchase order and inventory modules are fully linked. Any information concerning the flow of goods such as incoming goods, direct shipments, inventory transfers or outgoing orders can be managed, along with other details to help maintain the steady flow of goods.

Formula Pricing: Sophisticated rules-based pricing system is available to help you automatically manage a range of complex pricing to avoid errors and to accelerate processing.

Activity Alerts: As the status of the order changes, time sensitive alerts are generated and messages are instantly transmitted that trigger other crucial activities that help improve the flow of material towards the right destination.