The system addresses the complex production processes, warehousing and logistical services that Food, Medical and Natural Products manufacturers engage in to ensure demands are met. It includes features for the following:

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Bill of Assembly/Recipes

Multi-level Bill of Materials (BOM) including,

Disassembly Bills, Phantom Assemblies and Production Back-Flushing.

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Routing and Shop Floor Control

Track production through Resource Centers at various levels of granularity. Support for Work Orders and Repetitive (Work Order-less) manufacturing environments using transactions and/or Production Performance Metrics. Track indirect activities, such as down-time, changeovers and miscellaneous feedback.

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Graphical Planning Board

Visibility of production environment is captured graphically. Advanced Scheduling helps you synchronize demand with capacity from your production floor.

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User-Defined Inventory Policy

Production lead times, vendor lead-times, preferred vendor, reorder point, batching mode, safety levels, etc., can be defined by location and item.

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