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Training & Education

We are equipped to handle a variety of training needs:

  • Fast Track Training – Initial training of lead personnel responsible for developing the test environment to familiarize them with the basic concepts in the software. This would include initial illustration of System Management and basic Master File usage, so they can set-up the test data.

  • Core Team Training – Lead personnel will be working extensively with the prototype / test environment. During this period, advanced training will be done in conjunction with the developing, testing, re-engineering and documenting all procedural concepts. Both functional and horizontal integration instruction will be carried out across all departments.

  • Classroom Training – Once a working template company has been developed, end-users will be taught in a classroom type environment by different functional areas (e.g. inventory). A maximum of 8-10 people per class is recommended. All personnel responsible for this area would come for a 1 day session.

  • Hand Holding & Ongoing Training – On-going training will continue through the implementation cycle. It is impossible for end-users to grasp the whole system in the classroom environment – practical hands-on experience, coupled with a guiding hand is the best teacher. The core team will be involved in helping end-users learn the system.

  • Future Training – Additional training can be arranged as needed.