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Commercial Off the Shelf vs. Client Prioritized Software

During the past two decades, the software market has been dominated by Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) products that offer a myriad of functionalities at a reasonable price. This is indeed the primary model of NuPro Software.  The logic is quite simple - the cost of development of the off-the-shelf product is distributed over a number of buyers and, thus, the pricing is spread over the number of licenses that will be sold.

One might think that if the option of an off-the-shelf software product is available, why would one go for a customized development?

Since the COTS product is ready to use, it may not cater to the exact requirements of your organization. Usually there are some adjustments that an existing organization will need to make in order to implement a typical off-the-shelf product. But what if the same simple logic of spreading the costs could be applied to customer specific enhancements and those customizations could be built back into the core COTS software, thereby, eliminating the risk of program obsolescence that is inherent with customized software.

This has lead NuPro Software to the development of a parallel ‘economic’ based development initiative based on free software customization called Customer Prioritized Development (CPD). CPD refers to programs we develop in conjunction with our Customers that address their specific requirements, but at the same time enhance our core product – without the expensive fees imposed by typical COTS software companies.

Why should the customer have to bear the burden of the costs and risks, when the enhancements could be built into the core product and shared with the existing and potential user base? CPD is sponsored by both our large and small customers firms who want a competitive advantage, and are comfortable with their enhancements becoming ‘commodity’ software.