Microsoft SQL Database

Protecting your critical business information is non-negotiable, as is keeping your business up and running and secure. Microsoft Servers are built on the most reliable network operating system ever built – Windows 2008. It provides your employees with a working environment they can depend on including built in firewall protection and secure remote access.

Microsoft SQL Server is an enterprise-class database which is easy to use and manage. SQL Server is a comprehensive database platform providing enterprise-class data management with integrated business intelligence (BI) tools, security and notification services.

The SQL Server database engine provides secure, reliable storage for both relational and structured data, enabling NuPro to build and manage high availability, high performance data applications that allow you and your people to take your business to the next level.

Close integration with Microsoft Visual Studio, the Microsoft Office System, and a suite of new development tools, including the Business Intelligence Development Studio, sets SQL Server apart.

Remote Connectivity

Windows Servers make it easy for you and your employees to work remotely and stay connected to your important business information from virtually anywhere.

Communicate in New & Better Ways

Windows Servers can help you communicate in new ways – and take better care of your customers.  You can stay more connected, look and interact more professionally, and manage your customer relationships more effectively.