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Why Choose NuPro?

NuPro Software, a division of WPSi, focuses on delivering competitive advantage and business flexibility. Our customers demand sophisticated business applications and services with a low cost of ownership.

NuPro Software delivers complete solutions tailored to handle your complex business processes. Right out of the box, we deliver tried-and-tested business solutions designed specifically for the unique requirements of the food, medical and the natural products industries.

On your behalf, we apply the knowledge gained from hundreds of projects to deliver time-tested, innovative uses of our applications. We strive to listen to you, understand your culture, learn how you work, and gain your trust and confidence the old fashioned way – by earning it.

We’ll share our experience and best practices. However, if customization is required, we give you the capability advantages of in-house development for the lowest cost in the food, medical and natural products software industry.

A Complete Solution from a Single Vendor

Whatever the pressure and challenges you face, NuPro Visions helps you manage your finances, resources, information, customers and suppliers more effectively. All your business operations are seamlessly coordinated within a single application. The benefits are immediately obvious, as processes flow into one another, staff collaborate more closely, and managers and executives have an instant, accurate view of the whole company.

As a single solution from a single source, NuPro offers all the benefits of simplification in deployment, training, licensing, upgrading and support.

AND a single point of accountability promotes a rapid return on

investment and a lower total cost of ownership.

WPSi has been working with businesses like yours for over 20 years; we understand the demands of industry. Running a single system across both your back-office functions and your customer-facing operations can ultimately translate back into consistently higher service levels and increased margins.

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How Much Do Business Management Systems Really Cost?

This is a question you need your vendor to help you answer – and answer thoroughly – before you purchase an enterprise business management solution. The truth is, business management software should be highly adaptable, allowing changes that regularly occur in your business to be made quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. But while vendors continue to market solutions that can “adapt” to ever-changing business requirements, most customers are shocked to discover the true cost and time associated with making even simple modifications.

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Based on Stable Real-World Business Logic & Sound Technology

WPSi has a wealth of experience in delivering software that maps onto the complex inventory and business processes of the Distribution and Manufacturing industries.  In fact, NuPro Visions is built exclusively on the business logic already deployed in hundreds of North American businesses. The result? Enormous depth and functionality across the enterprise.

But solid business logic without sound technology is not enough. Businesses need a seamless integrated portfolio of applications. This is why NuPro Software has chosen to develop our products using Microsoft technologies. NuPro Visions works with your existing systems and databases; it also works with and like familiar Office applications. Your staff becomes more productive quickly, as they use their existing skills. New office and IT staff can be easily recruited and trained. Information is available to other software applications making your business processes even more effective.

Microsoft is the leader in software technologies.

It provides a stable business platform now and in the future.

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Improve Efficiency & Reduce Cost

With NuPro Vision in place, your business can become more efficient in its use of resources, with a rapid return on your investment. Multiple data entry into different databases can be eliminated, saving users and administrators’ time and improving accuracy, while customers' demands can be identified and fulfilled in a more efficient and cost effective manner. NuPro automates routine tasks and supports your users with a system that is easy to use and customizable to suit their working style. Productivity is increased and costs are reduced.

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Minimize Cost of Deployment & Ownership

Since NuPro Visions covers areas of business operation traditionally addressed with multiple applications, deployment is easier and cheaper. Users only need to be trained on just one system; maintenance and support are covered from a single source, with just one point of contact and accountability. In addition, having a single upgrade cycle means the benefits of new releases can be felt immediately across all areas of the business. Free upgrades to all future release are included in the support contract.

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Key Management Information at Your Fingertips

Through ‘out of the box’ alerts and executive management tools, NuPro Visions provides clear answers to fundamental questions about your business. It alerts users to issues, problems and tasks, and supports informed decision-making. Daily priorities, up-to-date order status, customers’ buying history, and current aged receivable information…all these and more improve productivity and management control.

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Quick & Easy Customization

You know your business best, which is why NuPro Software offers customization to meet your exact business requirements. The system can be quickly customized to address the information needs of users to assist them in working more effectively.

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Project Switches

We recognize that some customers require varying degrees of software sophistication in different parts of their operation. For this reason we offer project switches (discrete but tightly integrated components) that turn on different functions, as well as customized code to meet your exact business requirements.

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Custom Code

NuPro Software will customize the solution to meet your exact business requirements. All customization is built into the core product by the means of project switches to insure you against program obsolescence. And if the customization enhances our core product, we do it free of charge.

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User Defined Work Places

Create custom work places for your users using drag and drop functionality. Place all their common tasks, inquiries, reports, and business alerts in one place, customized to their working style. Productivity is increased and administrative costs are reduced.

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User Formsets

All business forms are customized and configured to your exact requirements. The C# version of the code provides for User GUI (Graphical User Interface) formsets. All fields on the screens can be controlled by the user – including moving fields, changing the terminology of the prompts, make fields view-only or completely invisible.

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Be Fully Alert to Significant Events

Reacting quickly to occurrences or conditions that could potentially affect your profitability and service levels is vital for sustained success. Notifications can be built in to ensure fast responses to significant events, prompting managers to attend to predefined business events. As well as notifying managers of critical incidents, notifications mark more routine yet important events such as the lateness of a purchase order, which is required to complete a customer order.

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Flexible and Fast Deployment

NuPro Visions can be deployed very rapidly without any of the trouble and expense incurred in traditional deployments. There’s no need to load software onto each workstation; using terminal services, Citrix or a Web browser for Web site Portal and Storefront, authorized office based staff, mobile teams, remote employees or Customers can access data held in NuPro Visons. Encryption techniques ensure secure remote access to your NuPro solution over public networks.

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Streamlining Document Management to Reduce Cost

NuPro Visons can help you save on pre-printed stationary, time-consuming filing and expensive storage space. Many documents -– for example Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Statements can be sent to suppliers and customers electronically. Furthermore, rather than being hidden away in personal or departmental filing systems, these documents along with scanned Supplier Invoices, signed Delivery Tickets, Bill of Ladings, etc., can be stored centrally –- systematically and securely in our Document Management system. Information can be retrieved in seconds, and the system ensures you meet statutory obligations on data retention and storage.

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Auditing & Security to Safeguard Your Organization

NuPro Visions incorporates simple but powerful tools so that events can be audited by recording related information whenever they occur. Financial transactions cannot just be deleted or reversed, leaving no audit trails. “Regarding small businesses and Sarbanes-Oxley (Bill 198 in Canada)- learning more about it and ensuring that you move towards greater and greater compliance with its rules is a smart business strategy - duty now for the future." User based security allows individual organizations to define the level of security they require over their database.

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Lifetime Support Guarantee

Free upgrades to all future releases are included in the support contract.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Since NuPro Visions is a single system, ownership is simplified: there are no separate upgrade cycles for different software products around the business; no interoperability headaches; a single point of contact and accountability delivers lower training and support costs moving forward.

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