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Company History

By specializing in software for distributors and wholesalers, WPS Inc. have developed the expertise and knowledge to address the many unique requirements found in these businesses.

First Generation Technologies

WPSi began developing software for the wholesale distribution industry in 1985, using the Basic Programming language.

The seed for our next Generation products, was our Integrity Series, developed in the early 1990’s. The Integrity Series software was written using the Progress Fourth Generation Language (4GL) and Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), and was designed to run on the then popular Unix and Windows NT Operating System.

Second Generation Windows Technologies

In the late 1990’s, we made the strategic business decision to do a complete rewrite and focus all our development efforts using Microsoft Corporation technologies. We felt that Progress 4GL/RDBMS was not the most advanced development environment available or a reliable business platform moving forward. It lacked many of the competitive technological features found in the Microsoft SQL Server Relational Database and Visual Studio programming environment, that have made WPSi's Insight and NuPro Visions the leading edge products that they are today.

Third Generation Windows Technologies

In October 2006, WPS Inc. introduced its third generation product called InSight, written using the most advanced object oriented programming language in the world today – Microsoft Visual C# .net. Over the last few years C# (pronounced C sharp) has increasingly become the language of choice for delivering robust products, from desktop applications to Web services, from high-level business automations to system-level applications, and from single user products to enterprise solutions in network-wide distributed environments.

Our latest product NuPro Visions is an industry specific solution that works the same way you do, while improving productivity and control at every level of the business. MicrosoftTM C# .net and SQL ServerTM technology, allows NuPro Visions to be fully scalable with the look and feel of other Windows products. It is easy to use and interfaces easily with Microsoft Office, e-mail and host of other Windows productivity packages.

One of our strengths at NuPro Software is our ability to provide a Commercial Off the Shelf package that is customized to the unique requirements of our clients. Our teams of highly trained professionals are experts at evaluating and designing systems that provide our clients with the exact solution they are looking for. In addition to customization, NuPro is able to provide the total solution for a business's computing needs. We offer system analysis, data conversion, training and full service and support.

Since our business philosophy is to treat our clients as partners, our relationship does not end upon system implementation. We continually refine and update our products to meet the changing needs of our clients and to take full advantage of new technology as it becomes available. We fully support our products and are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and state-of-the-art products available anywhere.