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Best of Both Worlds

We’re primarily interested in long-term relationships through repeat business, by providing our customers with a superior ownership experience. Our clients have been benefiting from our ability to deliver tailored solutions for over 20 years. We offer the best of both worlds - the advantages of low cost Commercial Off the Shelf software, with the capability advantages of in-house development for the lowest Total Ownership Cost (TOC) in the Food, Medical and Natural Products software industry.

Comprehensive Core Package

The core package includes all the essential modules and features that present a global view of your business operations. Back and front office processes are seamlessly coordinated within a single application. Information obtained from drill down capabilities, and the highly integrated modules and features enable closer collaboration among sales and other staff members, while managers and executives are able to obtain an accurate view of the company’s overall performance. In addition, the common user-interface of an integrated solution decreases time and cost, and allows consistent retrieval of data from multiple entry points. As a result, this complete solution from a single vendor translates into a rapid return on investment, and a lower total cost of ownership.

Best Practices

We apply the knowledge and best practices gained from hundreds of projects to deliver time-tested, innovative uses of our applications. You can be confident that our solutions will empower your business further. Staff at all levels will be given the tools to standardize and streamline complex business processes; the agility to provide information, choice and control; the confidence, trust, and the speed necessary to adapt to the changing business environment.

Customer Driven Development

We design our products based on input from clients like you to reflect your business culture. With our team of experts, we are able to customize our software and deliver a complete solution that meets the needs of each enterprise--from systems analysis, data conversion, product usage training, to full service support.